About EZ Auto Sales and Rental LLC of Gainesville, GA

    We are the dealership that you can trust for selection, quality, and value.

    It's About the Customers Positive Experience Buying a Vehicle

    We treat our customers differently. Thousands have discovered this ultimate car buying experience. We offer a refreshing car buying experience creating authentically positive relationships.  Our goal is to earn your trust and help make the smart buy clear.

    We believe in the quality and resale value of our vehicles. We're so confident in the quality of our cars, we'd love to sell them again.

    We drive the vehicles we sell. We only buy cars good enough for our friends and family and those are the same quality vehicles we offer to our customers at an exceptional value.

    If you are willing to shop smart you can get a better used vehicle and people will think you paid way more than you did.  Becoming part of EZ Auto Sales also includes perks like a referral bonus of $100 for everyone you refer to us when they buy. 

    To quote one of our stark raving fans:

    "EZ Auto Sales enables me to drive the vehicle I've always dreamt of driving, but never could quite afford. Their unique niche allows me to drive a vehicle I don't deserve to be driving!"

    Our customers are able to purchase MORE car, with MORE options and FEWER miles, for a whole lot LESS money!

    Buyer Confidence!

    Using our unparalleled Multiple-Point certified inspection, you can rest assured that our inspectors have meticulously checked and rechecked your vehicle to insure that any past repairs have been performed correctly and according to manufacturer specifications.

    Peace of Mind!

    In exclusive partnership with Preferred Warranties Inc, the most recognized extended service Contract Company for branded title vehicles in the US, each and every one of our valued customers can customize flexible and affordable coverage plans to suit their needs. Additionally, Preferred Warranties customers have the freedom to use their extended service contract at any 'ASE Certified' mechanic/body shop inside the continental United States. Not even a manufacturer warranty affords you this kind of flexibility! If, for example, you're on a trip, hundreds of miles from your nearest factory dealer, and something happens to disable your vehicle, Preferred Warranties extended service contract provides towing to the nearest 'ASE Certified' shop, as well as repair. You'll be able to get back on the road, while Preferred Warranties handles everything else!

    [Great Value and Slower Depreciation]